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CouragE MKE





Courage MKE is a collaborative movement to provide housing, resources, and services needed for displaced and homeless LGBTQ+ youth in Milwaukee to thrive. In addition the Courage House to serve displaced youth, our organization also provides scholarships, hygiene care packages and other services for the LGBTQ+ youth of Greater Milwaukee. 




Courage MKE comprises a diverse group of allies and members of Milwaukee's LGBTQ+ community who are raising funds and awareness for LGBTQ+ youth in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We are ensuring that they have the skills, tools, and resources needed to grow into successful leaders in their communities.

In 2019, Courage MKE opened The Courage House, Wisconsin's first home for displaced LGBTQ+ youth who have suffered mental or physical abuse, have no means to support themselves, and/or need a place to temporarily call home.

why courage matters

  • LGBT homeless youth die by suicide at higher rates (62%) than heterosexual homeless youth (29%)

  • Frequently, homeless LGBT persons have great difficulty finding shelters that accept and respect them

  • Transgender people are particularly at physical risk due to a lack of acceptance and are often turned away from shelters 

  • 43% of clients served by drop-in centers identified as LGBT

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