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Shelly Sabourin

Shelly brings a wealth of healthcare, clinical, and operational knowledge to the Courage MKE family with her extensive background as a Nursing Leader. She also has intimate knowledge and experience with what it's like as a mother, leading a child and family through the transition that comes  when your child comes out as transgender. She recently moved to Milwaukee with her husband Clay, who is originally  from the area. Both are nurses and have 5 children ranging from age 20 to 23.

She was drawn to Courage MKE because of her love for her son, Ronan, her daughter Bethany, her desire to improve awareness, education and equality for them. Courage MKE is more than just with four walls to Shelly. She sees the hope and love that it has and will continue to give LGBTQ+ youth the opportunity to grow and thrive in a family who loves and supports them as she has seen in her own children and that every child deserves. Shelly is excited to use her creative leadership abilities and her personal experiences to help Courage MKE grow.

Shelly has many hobbies such as triathlon, running and health and wellness; but more so she loves to create in the kitchen She also loves to travel the world and meet new people and learn about others, their food, cultures and ways of building relationships.


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