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Jill Waxman

Hi Courage Family!  I am a transplant from Chicago (GO CUBS!) to Milwaukee and have spent the last 6+ years making Milwaukee my home. Upon my transition to MKE, I knew I wanted to be active in the LGBTQ+ community, allowing me to contribute both my personal attributes and professional experience. I am both honored and grateful to be a member of the Courage MKE Board of Directors. I bring a wealth of personal and professional knowledge, as I work as an adolescent mental health therapist here in the community. It is my passion to support and guide adolescents and young adults to be the best, healthiest versions of their authentic selves and to do so in a safe, affirming environment, which is exactly what the Courage house will offer them.


In my spare time I enjoy running and working out and balancing that with trying out new restaurants in the local neighborhoods. I reside with my wonderful partner, Katie, and our fur-children. 

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