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Sean Sullivan

Nick also known as Nadia St. James has been a servant to the LGBTQ+ community for many years. After coming out at a very early age, he quickly realized the support and services that his community was lacking. While still in high school, he served on many collegiate panels across the state to educate students and professors on lgbt issues. After high school, Nick joined forces with the Gay Straight Student Alliance Coalition where he helped start GSA's in high schools across N.E. Wisconsin. Young and ambitious, he moved to Milwaukee at 24 years old. Since then, he has poured himself into fundraising and was consistently a top 5 fundraiser for AIDS walk WI.

Nick found inspiration in a teenage girl who was kicked out of her family home after coming out. Her strength and ability to overcome adversity continues to be his driving force. Nick is dedicated to creating a safe environment that fosters individuality and empowers lgbtq teens to be successful.

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