Miss and Mr. courage mke

Elected every year, Miss and Mr. Courage serve as the representatives of the Courage MKE community.  As the faces of Courage MKE, they participate in philanthropic events, donate their time, and spread the word on Courage MKE's work.  

Interested in Participating?

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Miss Courage MKE 2018
Tempest Heat

​What inspires you?

Life inspires me, everyday is a present and opportunity to grow, learn, and help. I'm also inspired by the Youth of WI, they are literally the future and it amazes me how aware so many are of their power to change and impact.


What would you want people to know about Courage's plans, mission, or the organization as a whole? 

I think the biggest message I'd like to emphasize about Courage MKE is Love. That's the foundation of this organization as well as the human spirit. I also want people to realize how every single event helps Courage MKE grow and therefore helps our families...our community... and our city as a whole!


How do you help as Miss Courage?​ 

As Miss Courage MKE 2018 I plan to help in multiple ways. As a professional local performer, I look forward to helping plan and host several FUNdraising events! I look forward to sharing my personal experiences with the Courage MKE board and working with them on ideas to help as well as empower Milwaukee LGBT youth. I also believe it's my responsibility and privilege to spread the word about Courage MKE as much as possible!

Who would play you in a biographical film about yourself? 

Who COULD play me?!? Lol honestly Todrick Hall would be Amazing! He could pull off both sides (and do so Fabulously!) of Jonathan and Tempest for sure. Plus he can sing cause it would have to be a musical.

Mr. Courage MKE 2018
Easton Boyd

What inspires you?

To be better than I was yesterday. Growth is always something that I want people to be proud of me for and I want everyone to want growth for themselves. Inspiration comes in many forms; but sometimes the best source is from within.

What would you want people to know about Courage's plans, mission, or the organization as a whole? 

I would want EVERYONE to know that Courage has open arms for everyone! This is one heartbeat for Love, Peace, and Unity. Courage calls on the community to work together in a fresh way to Milwaukee that will bring people together even more than before. The up and coming youth home will provide services to many kids in need and will allow the community to be a positive light for many young lives. 


How do you help as Mr. Courage?

I plan on becoming a liaison for Courage. I will not only use my entertainment skills to raise awareness for this GROUNDBREAKING ORGANIZATION; I plan to utilize my network of family and friends to help me make a difference in the community I love so much. I’m excited for this year and cannot wait to forge new relationships and alliances that will grow with Courage MKE.

Who would play you in a biographical film about yourself? 

I would love to have Alfonso Ribeiro, “Carlton Banks” to play me in a film. He certainly reminds me of myself with his smile and height!! He is almost all business, but always ready to dance! LOL and when it comes down to it, “It’s Not Unusual to have fun with anyone” is a motto that everyone can live with!