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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

A message from the courage mke executive director

"From the moment this organization became an idea, we knew that Courage MKE would be a safe place for all staff and residents. Diversity fuels our spirit and our commitment to inclusion across race, gender, orientation, identity, age and experiences will always be our compass to drive us forward and become a leader within our community." - Brad Schlaikowski

Courage MKE's Commitment

In support of the current social unrest that has awaken those all over the United States, Courage MKE will be reexamining ways that we as an organization can continue to best serve the youth that we serve, including equitable opportunities for the black queer youth that we serve. 

Please continue to look back at this page as we work to create an action plan for how we can become an even stronger partner to the community. If you have thoughts, ideas or suggestions, please reach out to Brad Schlaikowski at

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