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How you can help courage mke:

Support Our Holiday Helpers Program

Each year during the holiday season we ask the families in our neighborhood what they'd like for Christmas. With the help of Target and our generous supporters, we're not only able to make the holidays a little bit nicer for our community, but our residents also experience the incredible gift of giving. If you'd like to participate in this year's Courage holiday helper drive CLICK HERE!


Large acts of kindness

  • Organize a Courage Kit Drive within your local organization

  • Support our scholarships

  • Follow us on social media, share our mission with your networks

  • Donate household items such as paper goods and nonperishables

  • Become a recurring donor

  • Sponsor a capital project

    • Windows for both locations​

    • Courage House roof

    • C2 Concrete work

    • C2 Fencing

    • C2 Masonry work 


Your generous donations allow us to fuel a collaborative movement that provides the resources that our LGBTQ+ youth need to thrive.

Thank you for #HavingHeart

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