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Schools & Workplaces


Courage Kits

If you'd like to hold a drive to collect and assemble these items (most can be purchased at the Dollar Store), we will gladly pick them up! Please contact us to arrange a collection drive. We thank you in advance!

Courage MKE supports the efforts of schools and workplaces in creating a more equitable community for LGBTQ+ youth. Courage MKE works with schools and workplaces to make a direct impact on our local youth through programming, fundraising and grant opportunities.  

GSA Support

We at Courage MKE continue our community outreach through supporting local high school Gay Straight Alliances (GSA). Funding within our schools across the state of Wisconsin has been slashed for years and GSAs are among the first to lose funding from their school districts.  We believe that GSAs in schools are one of the most important organizations as it may be the only resource a child has to talk with peers and be themselves without fear. On a monthly basis Courage MKE provides up to two grants to a high school GSA to ensure they are able to continue to make a difference in their school communities.  

In addition to our grant program, upon invitation, our Staff, Board of Directors and volunteers, visit local GSA groups, share our stories and support them by teaching them it it does get better. If you'd like Courage MKE to visit your school or if your school is in need of a grant, please contact us.

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